About Francine (Yufan) Jiang (She/Her):

Francine is a Master of Information student @ University of Toronto.

Her interests include book history and print culture, early-modern European history, transcultural history (the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century cultural communication between the East and the West), transnational history (the nineteenth- and twentieth-century immigration), digital humanities and fashion history.

Both maps are published in 1602. Left: Typus Orbis Terrarum (by Abraham Ortelius); Right: Kunyu Wanguo Quantu (by Matteo Ricci, Li Zhizao and Zhong Wentao)
(Rulers of this page are taken from the blog post by The Devilโ€™s Artisan)

Ex Libris-Material Exploration

This is a post to record the progress of my ambitious planโ€”making my own bookplate (Ex Libris). This is the first time I carve a rubber linocut/stamp, and I have no idea what the final outcome will be like. Anyway, I appreciate my partner (a master of rubber carving) who gives me tons of helpโ€ฆ

Ex Librisโ€”the final outcome of the material exploration.